Friday, February 28, 2014

Progress, I think

I saw my psychiatrist yesterday. I am now not scheduled to see him for 3 months- previously I have been seeing him more frequently. Obviously if my mood tanks I will call.

It is good but bad is some ways- I feel like I need to see someone more regularly to be able to tell them what is really going on in my life sometimes. It is hard to get it all in during these short sessions- and yet, I can get in enough. Because the problems I am having in my life right now I do not think are medication-related, they are just life-related. Things to be addressed in therapy.

The good news is that Costco is carrying Provigil in its stores, just not mail-order any more. And I have been able to back down on my dose a little bit. And I realize that I have almost hit my out of network deductible- so I might be able to afford biweekly therapy for a little bit longer- until July when my deductible turns over again.

I continue to have anxiety- it builds during the day. Some days it is bad enough that I take a little bit of klonopin to take the edge off of it, and some days it is less, so I just suffer through it. Today I am just suffering through it. I did get a new script for my half milligram of klonopin.

Tomorrow I am joining Costco. I am actually excited to go shopping there! I have no food, I am totally out of everything- I need to stock up. And I need a new microwave. It is about a half hour drive from here, but a drive that I will now be making once a month to go to the pharmacy. Everyone says that Costco is really, really nice.

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