Monday, February 17, 2014

It is too bad I don't drink

It was one of those really stressful days at work- and then I had to stay an extra hour to make a splint (yes there are emergencies in OT). I got out, and I really felt like I wanted a glass of wine to relax. But I hardly ever drink, I didn't have any wine at home- I wasn't going to stop at the liquor store. And, I'm not sure I really should have had that glass of wine. Often it lowers my energy and mood the next day, sometimes just a single glass. So I rarely risk it on a weeknight.
Work has been really stressful recently for a lot of reasons, including trouble with the office staff- which means we have to do more things that they used to do for us. It just bothered me today because I really needed the time to be doing my notes, not tracking down a discharged patient' chart and faxing it out to two doctors. 

So I am in a complaining mood tonight. I didn't even make it to yoga. I forgot my yoga clothes- I couldn't have gone. But even if I had brought them, I couldn't have gone- because I stayed late to make the splint.

Tomorrow more snow. I don't know if it will stop patients from coming or not. My schedule is totally full, I am even doubled at times. But thankfully, no eval's- so a bit of a break paperwork-wise. 

I will see my therapist tomorrow too. It will be a long day,

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