Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow day and good reading

I have been reading a good book. Over last week's vacation I read "Hyperion," and now I am reading "Fall of Hyperion." Really, really good. And also books that make me think about our present situation.

Spoiler Alert: it involves environmental destruction, cultural stagnation, and the attempt to destroy that civilization- or allow it to be destroyed- as remedy.

I often worry about Peak Oil and Global Warming. Perhaps I need to think of it differently. These are both 2 issues which are going to necessitate serious adaptation by human beings- or rather by our society. At least it will stop us from getting too stagnant. The worry is- people can adapt. I don't know how well civilizations can adapt without revolutions or mass casualties.

California is going to have to adapt to less water, more wild fire. The problem is- so much of our food comes from there. Well, I have been predicting for a couple of years that farming is going to be coming back to the Northeast because of the water situation. I hope there is still some farm land left.

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