Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Sci Fi weekend

I didn't get most of the things done I wanted to get done. But I did have a good time. I was either reading my sci fi book (and yes I finished it), or binge-watching 3 episodes of "Helix" on the Syfi channel thanks to cable on demand. Helix is really good, I can't wait for more episodes so that I can find out what is going on. There are a lot of mysteries that get you hooked.

I just finished "Fall of Hyperion," and it is the type of science fiction that I used to love growing up, but then stopped reading so much after going to college as a physics major. It is the "space opera" genre, with faster than light drive, colonization of space, aliens, etc. Which is all so unbelievable now that I know about relativity. But still so much fun. And the book is so beautifully written, with aspects of poetry, religion, and philosophy, just a wonderful book.

In recent years I have tended towards books about earth's future that do not involve cold fusion, faster than light drive, or other improbables. I think that a part of me is looking for solutions, or at least a glimpse of what our future could actually be. And I don't think it will involve faster than light travel. Physics is cruel. Thermodynamics is pretty depressing if you really think about it. And quantum I never really understood that well- but does anyone?

What I don't understand right now is the fascination with vampires and zombies. I don't find either all that interesting. I am getting so bored of zombies- I tried to watch a few episodes of "The Walking Dead," but there really isn't anything interesting about zombies. Nothing. And the plot was not compelling enough for me to see witness another zombie attack.

The only good vampire movie I have seen is "The Daybreakers." That was an awesome movie.

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