Monday, November 10, 2014

A better Monday

It was a good Monday. I also think that the combination of 7.5mg of Zyprexa and 250mg of Nuvigil is good. I can't help but wonder if I took 5mg of Zyprexa if I could take less Nuvigil (and cut my pills), but I don't know if I want to experiment right now. I have been so bad so recently.

This puts my in a bind. Do I appeal the Provigil denial? I think the Nuvigil is more even and I don't have the ups and downs I had with Provigil- and I am very sensitive to changes in blood levels of  meds. Plus I am falling asleep better- some days I would take my 2nd Provigil late enough that it would make it hard to sleep.

I think I will try to stay with Nuvigil. Maybe when I see my doctor we can try for authorization. Maybe I will just pay out of pocket. My fear is that they are going to jack up the price before it goes generic in a year and a half. Often they do that with drugs. I wonder if there is a way to stockpile Nuvigil?

Meanwhile, I just want to stop thinking about meds.

My dad's surgery is coming up very soon- Wednesday. Which leaves me with all of tomorrow to get caught up with my notes at work. Such is life. But paperwork went better today. I hope it will continue to do so.

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Unknown said...

I asked my psychiatrist about all this today. She said the only way the cost would have gone up like that is if the company increased the price, probably trying to knock people off it before nuvigil is generic.

I made her go through my meds that are going to go generic in the next several years and tell her what we're going to do. Since Serqouel XR is one of them it's the one we have to have something in place to change to. Too bad nothing is out yet...

It sounds like things are a little more stable and I hope you are ok. Your dad will be in my prayers.