Monday, November 24, 2014

It was only a matter of time...

I knew these mammograms were a mistake. Even the research can't tell me if I should be getting them. I only started getting them to appease my PCP. I knew the false positives would start coming- I just didn't realize how soon.

At my first they found nodules in my left breast which meant every six months I had to get a follow up mammogram and ultrasound. I thought my right breast was doing okay. Today it let me down. They found calcifications in it- and they want me to have it biopsied. Even though it is most likely benign. Most likely but not guaranteed.

So ironic- I was feeling so good today. Finally back on Provigil (and realizing it is the drug for me). You would think that at least this could hit while I was a little more ambivalent about life. But I am not really worried, I don't think it is anything. I just have to do this because- well, that is what you do I guess.

And then I started reading about the procedure, and thinking, my poor breast! It is not exactly like when I had the mole on my back biopsied.

So the imaging center had a patient care navigator- who was in the room with the radiologist- and made the appointment for me with the surgeon. I don't have an appointment for a consult until December 9th, so either they are very busy or they aren't too worried. The biopsy isn't even scheduled.

I forgot to ask if I am done with the ultrasounds on my left breast- they said last time I probably would be if things continued to stay the same, and per the ultrasound tech they stayed the same.

And tomorrow I see my psychiatrist.

I'm just bankrupting the healthcare system. No, wait- I've got a high deductible plan. It is bankrupting me.


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