Saturday, November 22, 2014

My dad's in rehab

Yesterday my dad got transferred to a rehab hospital. I visited him today. He is still very tired, but doing much better. The OT in me observed him transferring from the wheelchair to his bed for a nap- with an aide of course- but he really didn't need much help. He is going to be okay.

I may be spending Thanksgiving with him- I think my step mom wants to spend it with the rest of her family who is all coming here. I mentioned that I could bring catered food. She didn't think that was necessary, as they would probably be giving my dad something turkey for dinner. Well, what about me? Plus, hospital food is not the same. But she is not a foodie.

I am still figuring out meds- isn't that the story of my life? I have been just so irritable- even on the higher Zyprexa- and I can't take it anymore. I think it is the nuvigil. Plus I am down to my last pill. I have to go to the pharmacy to pick up Provigil- but didn't make it there today because I was so wiped out from all the driving to see my dad. Anyway, I went down on the Zyprexa last night hoping that if I did I could get by on half a Nuvigil today. But I was really sleepy, and only survived on lots of coffee. It wasn't enough. Now my mood is bad and I don't know if it is the Zyprexa or Nuvigil.

I have half a Nuvigil left for tomorrow morning- then I really have to get my Provigil. It is a drive. But the price I was quoted is not too bad. I swear, this is like watching the stock market. I am going to try to stay down on the 5 mg of Zyprexa. If I stay at the higher dose I am going to wind up 300 pounds.

I did one good thing today- I registered for our local Turkey Trot. Well, I do the walk, no the trotting. But still, it is better than doing nothing but driving and eating on Thanksgiving day.

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