Saturday, November 29, 2014

Hard days

I have been overly emotional about some things. And just had some really hard days. I am thinking about what my psychiatrist said in jest- that meds can fix everything- and wondering if meds could do more than they are doing. And wondering what there is to do for the things that meds cannot touch.

I think some of my trouble is anxiety as well as depression. But klonopin does not seem to be a good answer these days- it makes me too sleepy. If they could make a klonopin that wasn't sedating, I would be a willing addict. Two nights ago I couldn't sleep and in the morning I was so anxious that I took klonopin early in the day- and just a smidge- but got so tired I thought I'd have to go home sick. But a second cup of coffee seemed to work to get me through it, and then I was functional.

And that was good- because I had a very interesting patient in the afternoon- a stage II tendon Hunter Rod tendon reconstruction patient 2 days out from surgery. So I had to take off the surgical dressing, clean things up and do some dressing changes, and make a splint. And get him started in his home exercise program.

The weekend is going to be a lot of paperwork and preparing for an inservice. I an giving an inservice on screening our patients for cervical problems that might be causing the distal symptoms that they present with- so that we can refer to the PT's. And leading a discussion on a journal article on the treatment of compression neuropathies.

I am also spending money! I am giving in to the black Friday sales (although I have not set foot into any store). I have most of my Christmas/birthday shopping done. Our family has a lot of December birthdays. I also bought a few work tops for myself and a set of hypnosis CD''s on procrastination. It came bundled with one on "mental toughness" so I am getting that too.

I am glad it is the weekend. So much to do.

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Unknown said...

I wrote something about your breast biopsy and accidentally deleted it the other day. Are they doing a needle biopsy or an incision? Either one is no fun but I'm sure the waiting is the worst part regardless.

My sister had to have a surgical biopsy when she was 22. She and my mom both have been diagnosed with fibrocystic breasts. I honestly have not had enough breast exams to have a diagnosis. (I know...mammograms are going to be a good thing for me). My mom is on a monitoring regime for a lump they found about a year ago. It's a huge annoyance for both of them.

I'm sorry you have SO MUCH to deal with all at once. I don't know about OP but I know that nursing homes usually picked up quite a bit around Nov-Dec as people had met their deductibles and had surgery before the new year. I can't remember what home health was like besides snowy and hard to get to patients.

I hope you have a relaxing Sunday.