Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Do you drink more than you want to?

I heard these words spoken on a radio ad- it turns out for a study on alcoholism. But before my brain could figure out that they were talking about alcohol, I thought, "Yes, I do." I drink more than I want to- mostly water. It is a side effect of the lithium.

No drugs without side effects, unfortunately. And I am looking for some kind of relief right now. I had my conference the past few days- and every day I got more depressed. By the time I got home yesterday I couldn't stand the feel of my own thoughts in my head, I was just awful. I took klonopin and Zyprexa. I slept. Today I ate almost an entire large pizza for dinner- but I am much improved.

I think part of what did it was that the main conference room was really dark and I hardly went outside and I didn't have my light therapy. This morning I was too sleepy to do light therapy, but at least got sun driving to work. And had sun going home and through the windows.

Otherwise- good conference. I did learn some new stuff. And had dinner with some former co-workers.

I am so tired I just want to go to bed- but I am trying not to let myself. I need to get on a good schedule. But I still have the extra meds in my system from yesterday telling me to sleep (and to eat).

I see my PCP next week and I have to get weighed- I am not looking forward to it. But at least I have some good news- my LDL is down. Enough that I don't think she will try to insist I go on a statin. I got my lab results ahead of my appointment from Quest- they have an iphone app, of course. It is nice to have lab results ahead of time. If she wants me to go on a statin, I will say no- and I think my LDL is low enough for that to be okay.

My last visit when my LDL went up- that was when my A1C was the lowest it has ever been. Of course it has gone up- it is still in the normal range- but not really low like it was. Maybe there is an inverse relationship between blood sugar and cholesterol.

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