Saturday, March 21, 2015

I always assume the worst

I saw my PCP this past week. I had bloodwork done ahead of time, and that was all fine. But while I was there she wanted a urine sample. I don't know the exact test- but every year I get tested for something to do with my kidneys.

I had completely forgotten about the test. But then Thursday I saw I had a voice message from my doctor's office. They wanted me to call to talk to me about my test results. I panicked. The message didn't sound like everything was okay- it sounded like there was something to talk about. And I started thinking- the lithium is ruining my kidneys... I was really worried. And angry at myself for ever going on the lithium.

I called. All is well, the test results are normal. So far the lithium has not killed my kidneys. But I think I will make another plea to my psychiatrist to go on instant release lithium, which I saw in one study was easier on the kidneys than the extended release. He didn't want to do that last time. I didn't push it.

But I just saw a link to a study that showed that one third of people who have been on lithium for 10-30 years had some degree of chronic renal failure. I don't like those numbers at all.

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