Sunday, March 1, 2015

My lost weekend

Raising the Zyprexa isn't the answer. I was felt so drugged and out of it I couldn't do anything. And I guess I gained at least a couple of pounds. I did watch some tv, was mellow- but didn't do the things I needed to do. I even slept through an appointment for a massage. I might as well be depressed.

But it has helped the depression. It really has. Maybe it will break the cycle- maybe I can go back down after my few days of more Zyprexa and the depression will be better. Maybe there will be time for the increased Cytomel to help. Otherwise I need to see my psychiatrist for some more ideas.

Or I can just try to hold out until spring. I think that is really going to help. I just have to make it until then. It is getting closer.

When I was on disability and not working, it was so much easier to make medication changes. Since I have been working is seems all I can manage is to raise things or add things- the coming off of everything and going on new things isn't possible anymore. And so I am on more and more medication.

This weekend I have been just lying around- what I really need is to exercise. I have been waiting for the nearest hiking path to be ice-free, but it hasn't been in months. I hate the gym, I hate to walk inside. I get so bored. I think that when I can walk outside I will be better. I hope.


Anonymous said...

Hang on. You'll get through it. We always get through these things.

Unknown said...

Funny, since I've been on disability I assumed that a great benefit would be ease of med changes. And then it turned out that I really haven't had many because of lack of options.
We've added a few low dose things and increased Seroquel one last time and I have the valium now for sleep PRN but otherwise it's pretty much the same. When a new drug comes along that my dr feels is promising for me though it will be good to have freedom to make the big anti-psychotic change without worrying about work. No other change I've made since stopping work has needed that much time off, if any. Topamax kicked my butt but that was originally for migraines, not psych and I would have been able to work while trying to adjust because I did fine to a point and couldn't do it beyond that point and it was pretty clear quickly.

I hope something works out for you.