Saturday, March 28, 2015


I'm not as exhausted as I was yesterday, but still tired. Like a good hypochondriac I finally tracked down my blood pressure cuff and took my blood pressure this afternoon. It was 110/60, which is a little low for me, except for first thing in the morning when it is usually lower. I think it goes up with my morning cup of coffee! So maybe that is at least a part of why I am so tired. I'll have to take it tomorrow- maybe I need less of my blood pressure medicine, although I don't know why I would. But I do take a very large dose of it.

I actually cooked today- well, a co-worker gave me some Pesto sauce. So I cooked chicken, veggies, and high protein pasta and threw it all together. Enough for two or three meals. But laundry and cleaning still felt like too much. I still feel like I am mending. Tomorrow that has to change. Plus I have to make my monthly trip to Costco to fill my Provigil prescription. And then I stock up on some groceries for the month too.

Unfortunately there are some things that Costco doesn't sell- like the high protein pasta and this kale salad (full of garlic and lemon) that Shoprite makes and that I have been eating almost every day this past week. I eat it with pasta tossed with butter and parmesan cheese and some cherry tomatoes and it is really good and I am eating kale.

I am trying to make decisions about how to spend my summer- and how much money to spend on my vacations. I think I will still go on vacation, just one that is not too expensive. I will stay in a tent, not in a dorm. I will accept that my credit card balance, which has been going down, will go up for a little while- but I do hope to pay for as much of the dental surgery as possible with cash. I don't know why that is important to me. My car's new engine will be all credit card, I know. And I know that this time next year I will again be in the process of paying off my 3rd credit card (I have paid off 2 cards and my student loans so far).

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