Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday morning blues

I dragged myself into work today, the song "Just Another Manic Monday" going through my head. Except that I didn't feel manic- I felt depressed. My Monday morning blues. I should write a song about it.

The day didn't go too bad, though. I had my yearly review. With the exception of my paperwork it went very well. It is nice to get good feedback. I think I do a good job, but it is nice to hear it sometimes.

I did stay a little late to do notes, but then my brain stopped working... So I had to leave. I made it to the grocery store where I have my bribe- they have good sushi. I got sushi for dinner- I also had green beans and Jarlsberg cheese- way too much cheese- that is why I don't keep it around normally. But I did get some grocery shopping done and the sushi was good.

I've been thinking that I haven't had a proper vacation in a while. Just a day here or there. I think I am going to take a week in May to go to the Omega Institute for a workshop- and stay in my tent. It is the cheapest thing I can think of to do, other than backpacking- and I am not yet into good enough shape to go backpacking. Plus this workshop looks really good. Finally I have something to look forward to. I really haven't had anything. Mostly things I have been dreading- like my dental surgery in April.

It's not a good time to be spending the money- but I need this.

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