Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A very busy work week

Work is good- interesting patients, good OT therapy moments, etc. And also too busy- I'm double booked, my patients can't get times that worked for them, I can't find a moment to write my notes. It is hard. We could use another OT. Except that in a couple of months we will probably slow down when all the hand surgeons go on vacation- August and September are usually very light.

I'm feeling very American- I came home late both nights this week and wanted nothing more than to eat dinner in front of the TV. Monday night I watched Game of Thrones and tonight I watched the pilot episode of Mr. Robot- which was really good. So now I have three shows to follow- Last Week with Jon Oliver, Game of Thrones, and Mr. Robot. I haven't really been keeping up with the Daily Show recently because I find it is so hit or miss.

The past two days of rain and dreariness have taken a toll on my mood and energy. I just want to sleep. I hate how much my moods are controlled by the seasons and weather. I try to fight it, but it is really hard.

One of these days I will actually get to the gym again. Hopefully soon.

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