Friday, June 26, 2015

I don't want to think that my parents are old, or mortal

Pneumonia is an old man's killer, and my dad just got admitted to the ICU with pneumonia. My stepmother is there and I will go in the morning. So much for yoga I can't help thinking- I was on a roll with getting myself there... I can't help thinking this is a really bad weekend, I need to get so much done. And I can't help wondering how severe it is, and how he will do, and what this will take from him. He has had two cardiac surgeries in the past few years, and both took him a very long time to recover from and to be himself. I am worried.

Normally he is a pretty amazing 84-year old who works out with a personal trainer and is sharper than I am. But he is still 84, and no one gets out of here alive.

If I don't die an early death then I will outlive my parents. I will be an orphan. Someday. But not today.

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