Saturday, June 13, 2015

Made it back to yoga

I went to yoga at a new place but with the same instructor I had previously had- she opened her own studio. I haven't done any yoga in a long time, and it was the perfect session- mostly stretching, and not too demanding. Just what I needed to ease me back into it.

And yet I came home tired and napped- but perhaps that is because I didn't sleep well last night. I tossed and turned and woke up a lot and then got up early. I also woke up grinding my teeth really hard- harder than I thought possible.

My dentist told me that I grind my teeth, and a part of me didn't believe it. I never had the sensation that I did this. But this morning I was really doing it- it is the first time I have noticed it. I wonder if that is because I am no longer taking klonopin regularly. Next I want to try to get off of the Ambien- but I'm not going to hurry that too much.

I want to ask my psychiatrist for Ativan instead of klonopin as a prn. I'm hoping I don't need it much- but if I do, I'd rather have something with a shorter half life. When I take klonopin I can feel it the next day. Then again, perhaps that is what stops me from taking more of it.

I'm down to 5mg on the Zyprexa. It is the one medication I have "permission" from my psychiatrist to titrate- although I don't think I need anyone's permission! But I realize that sometimes I will be able to get by with 5mg, and hopefully most of the time- and sometimes I will have to go up to 7.5mg. And I will probably go back and forth. When I am really depressed or agitated, I am more functional at the higher dose. But if I am not, the costs of being at the higher dose are too great. But that is what is good about Zyprexa- it can be adjusted quickly and works quickly, much faster than a conventional antidepressant.

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