Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Latest interest- winning the New Yorker cartoon caption contest

I wasn't going to say obsession- that is so in these days, to say something is an obsession, just because you are doing it. And I am not quite obsessed. Just determined to find something funny to say once a week no matter how difficult it seems.

My half brother is a writer and does the New Yorker cartoon caption contest. Then my brother started doing it. So I decided that I had to start doing it. I have just submitted my third entry. And it was good, except that I put an unnecessary "that" in it. I wanted to redo it but I can't. I am still impressed with myself that I managed to find something funny to say with this one, because initially I wa stumped. But as with all that I have done so far- I just pull from current events.

I wonder if, between the three of us, any of us will ever win? A lot of the winners aren't even funny- although the last winner was very good, in fact pretty perfect.

I really wish I could redo my entry. I did it so fast- not thinking I should take the time to edit a one sentence entry. But I am wordy, so I need to. It will never make it as is. I will take more time next week.

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