Monday, May 21, 2012


Provigil has recently gone generic, so I figured that my insurance company might be a little more open to an appeal for a medical exception to cover the drug for me. They had previously denied Nuvigil, when Nuvigil was step therapy required for Provigil, but it no longer is.

Of course I got denied. So, I will keep buying it from overseas. Because, even though it is generic, it is a very expensive generic, and a lot more than the 100 dollars/month that I am getting it at.

I know Provigil is an expensive drug. I can respect the need for insurance companies to manage their costs. Believe me, if I could take a cheap generic stimulant, I would. I have in the past- but I have had too many bad reactions to the stimulants. And now, on the high dose of Effexor that I take, they give me serious tachycardia. So they are just not an option for me. 

I even thought about taking a beta blocker with a stimulant. But the one time I took a beta blocker I had swollen ankles and frequent chest pains. So that isn't something I want to do either. And given other medications I take, a drug like Straterra doesn't make much sense either.

So it is Provigil, or else I take nothing to help me with my learning disabilities. Sometimes I think that it is the only medication that I take that makes sense. But my insurance company doesn't agree with me.

Some days it is hard not to take things personally. 

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