Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Too much lithium?

All summer I drank water constantly. Suddenly, as the seasons have changed, I am no longer drinking a lot of water any more. And today I feel really weird, really out of it- and like I did when we tried going up even higher on my lithium (which I decided was too much and went back down).

Drinking a lot lowers lithium levels. Maybe I was keeping mine very low with all of the water, and now it is higher. I don't think it is toxic, as my level was only .59 when last tested- it could double and I wouldn't be toxic. But it could be enough to be making me feel not very good.

Or it could be the fact that I didn't eat breakfast this morning...

I have decided that I must be on too much Zyprexa because my mother was here for over a week and we did not fight. Well, I did yell at her once when she did something very stupid and dangerous, but otherwise no fighting. I did kind of zone out during some of her lecturing but I did so mindfully, if that makes any sense, and just let her talk without really hearing her.

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Just Me said...

Be careful with the lithium. obviously. I just know that when I was toxic the last time the only symptom I recognized was hallucinations and I sat in the ER and kept saying "I can't be toxic. I'm not sick!" and then I was very wrong and very glad that I wasn't going to psych. I just really hadn't known that the symptoms could be so mild with a very high level. Two toxicities buy me levels every time I have a virus or any indication there might be trouble at all. Thankfully my kidneys are hanging in because I don't do well off this stuff and will damage them if I have to.

Really though, when in doubt get checked just because toxicity is awful and dangerous.