Saturday, November 30, 2013

I'm a real American now- I went shopping on Thanksgiving eve

Thanksgiving was a good day. Mom was here, and we did the local "Turkey trot" in town. We walked of course, as they had both a walk and a run. It was fun. We went home and read and napped. Then we went out to a very fancy restaurant for Thanksgiving- no way I was cooking for two people. The food was very good. Afterward we went to Staples.

I have never gone Black Friday shopping, let alone on the Thursday before. But I needed a new computer, and there was one that I wanted that was hugely discounted, and my coworkers pointed out it would probably be sold if I waited. There is a Staples pretty close to me, so on the way back from the restaurant, we went. I think that Staples opened at 8pm, at least that is what the website said. I think we got there at 8:10, and it was pretty crowded. I was amazed.

I went home with my computer after a very long line. I convinced my mom to get a Kindle Fire for pretty cheap- at it was their last one. It was pretty successful. If we had waited, mom would not have got her kindle. I don't know how many of the computers they had, and if they would have sold out by the nest day. I am glad we went.

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Just Me said...

I'm glad it went well. Sounds like it was better than you anticipated---although i know that a lot can be left unsaid.