Sunday, November 17, 2013

A slow, mellow weekend

I didn't do that much this weekend except laundry. I watched bookTV on CSPAN2, and learned of a new book, "The Unwinding," that sounded good. So I bought it and got it on my kindle (instant gratification) and have been reading that. I was very bad and made an ice cream run. But I actually think that, calorie-wise, I did okay today. Just way too much sugar.

Even though I didn't do that much of what I wanted to get done- grocery shopping, exercise, church, etc., I still feel good. And I can't decide if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe I do need to be harder on myself at times. But instead, I just feel mellow today.

Keeping with the good mood I gave 100$ to the American Red Cross. Why do good moods make us feel more generous? Why do bad moods often have the reverse effect? Our brains could have been wired the opposite way. I wonder if you get the same effect in primates.

I have a lot to do in the coming week. I have some paperwork to get caught up on an work. And we have a journal club meeting that I am organizing, and I have to finish preparing. I have to go grocery shopping. Buy a present for my niece before I see her this weekend. And do some cleaning before my mother comes. And yes, I am going to make it to all of my yoga classes. In fact, I am going to try out a new class on Wednesday evening as well.

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Just Me said...

Did you have a bad experience with melatonin? I'm going to be trying it to help with the migraine issue and I have a feeling that someone with bipolar told me of a bad experience with it but I can't remember who or when or if I'm sure.

Thanks for the comment. Tylenol was absolutely useless for the migraines and my dr. was more worried about my using it than he was the vicodin. (More likely to use multiple doses of tylenol since it doesn't help as much and it won't make me sleep which is the best he could offer). I can't use caffeine because it makes me manic. At this point I haven't had any more than is in cheap chocolate in over 6 years so even though it might help to try it everyone is too afraid of what that kind of excess might do.

The good thing is that I found a way to get 4 or 5 triptans per month and I just haven't updated the blog since finding it. It's not enough probably but there's always hope that I can break the cycle and at least not have these "status migrainus" periods. This is assuming my 2 free pills trial actually works.

I am also now using magnesium supplements and over the next week or so will add melatonin and Co-enzyme Q10, one at a time so we know if I have some weird reaction. They also recommend feverfew and butterbalm (?) but we're skipping herbals. Feverfew increases serotonin availablity to probably is bad for both of us; the other I don't remember what it does, but the combination is supposed to help frequently and my pyschiatrist has another patient has someone who is similar to me in diagnosis and treatment issues and intense migraines. She started on the supplements this month and is finding them helpful.

Thanks again