Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Doing better

I am doing better. I backed off on the meds that I had increased over the weekend- they did their job, and I am a lot better. Evenings are still very difficult for me with time time change, but hopefully I will continue to adjust.

Yesterday it was good to have yoga to go to after work, so I didn't go home and go straight to bed. I think I would have been tempted. Since the time change, I start getting really tired really early. But it was a good yoga class, and my back didn't bother me at all- but I did limit my forward flexion a little bit. Just in case.

I am very frustrated with my weight. I had been using this calorie counting app, and lost a few pounds. Then I had one bad week of depression, and I didn't even think I was eating that much- but I gained it all back plus a pound. So today I am back to counting calories.

I am trying to get my breakfasts and lunches the same every day, so then it is just the snacks and dinner that I have to count. I can't make this too complicated. And I am guessing that I really have about 4 dinners that I typically make. And I don't eat a lot of snacks- just a chocolate milk on the nights I go to yoga straight from work (I know bad, sugar). Or a protein bar or soup on the nights I work evenings.

I have to lose a little of this weight. Otherwise I have to lower my Zyprexa. I'd rather not right now- maybe later but not right now. So I have to make this work and lose some weight. I can't keep gaining.

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