Sunday, April 13, 2014

A quiet day

I didn't do much today- other than laundry, which I got really behind on between being sick and my back hurting. And I cooked two chicken breasts- one for today's dinner, one for tomorrow's lunch- I am going to starting bring salad with chicken for lunch again tomorrow.

My back has bothered me a little- but I don't have PT until Wednesday so hopefully it will be better enough by then that we can start flexion exercises. I really want to get back to yoga- my body really needs it. Everything except back extension seems really tight- as I have just been doing all this back extension- and my body doesn't feel balanced. I did schedule a massage for next weekend- I will
have to see how that goes, and I have some tenderness still on my back.

I have to say that I am even more of a believer in kinesio tape. With all the back exercises I managed to strain a muscle on the back of my neck, and it wasn't getting any better after 3 days- despite heating pads and attempts at self-massage. Then Friday evening I put some kinesio tape on the muscle. I could feel it improving over the course of the evening. Saturday morning I woke up to no pain. Amazing.

Unfortunately I don't think taping would help my back, because I think the problem is not muscle, but disk.

It is Sunday night and I am starting to be in a bad mood that I didn't do more this weekend, etc. Tomorrow morning I will probably have my Monday morning blues. Even though I like my job. It is just that transition to back to work that is sometimes hard.

This week I see my therapist- for the first time in a while. I am down to every other week. Then I got sick. Then she was away the next week so I couldn't reschedule. Plus I had gone to a conference. So it has been either 3 or 4 weeks, I'm not sure which.

I don't have any pressing, burning issues to discuss. I think my fear about quitting therapy is that if I start to go downhill quickly, there won't be anyone there. I have my psychiatrist- but sometimes I get too depressed to call my psychiatrist (as in- I don't want to bother them and what can anyone do for me anyway). But, I'm not sure that this is sufficient reason to stay in therapy.

Getting off of the last of my klonopin is going well- I am down to an eighth of a milligram at night. I'm sure that there are still times I may use it prn, but I will be glad not to be taking any of it- no matter how small a dose- on a regular basis. I am going to give myself one week of this dose, and then try to stop- and hopefully I will still be able to sleep.

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