Monday, April 14, 2014

Not sleeping well- and feeling out of it

Between cutting down on my meds and the coming of spring, I am not sleeping well. Last night I managed to fall asleep, but then woke up super early- but of course then couldn't get anything done. It just made me really tired all day- and feeling more out of it than if I had been taking more meds! I can't win.

To make matters worse, I broke down and went to Dunkin Donuts during lunch and bought an iced coffee hoping it would perk me up. It didn't. It only made me anxious- and then I took a crumb of klonopin to take the edge off of that. Now I am home, and really want to take a nap. But I can't let myself- that will only make my sleeping worse. I am wondering how early I can try to go to bed for the night. I don't think I will make it to my normal time- but that is exactly what I should be doing. Good sleep hygiene and all that.

It really makes me realize- I have to stay where I am with my meds for the moment. Maybe trying to get off of the last tiny bit of klonopin in a week or two- but otherwise I need to stop where I am for now. Especially in the spring- the chance of hypomania is just too great. Or just sleeplessness- that can really mess with your mind. And I want more energy- today I had less energy.

The good news is that my back was pretty good today. And my patients were really delightful today. Even the one who is not doing his home exercise program...  There is always at least one.

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