Sunday, April 27, 2014

So far so good

I just finished two days at 3.75mg of Zyprexa, down from 5mg. It has gone easier than expected. I have been able to fall asleep at night (thank-you Ambien), and only woke up a couple of times during the first night, and once during the second night. Not too bad. I was a little sleepy and grumpy on Saturday, but today I was in a really good mood  (but not "too good" a mood).

But I suppose that the real test will be the work week. The weekend didn't hold too many challenges for me. The real test will also be to see how long I can keep myself here, and resist the urge to go lower too fast. And I am sure that it is only by going back up on my lithium that has allowed my to lower my Zyprexa dose (especially in the spring)

But to go lower I need a different pill: a 2.5m pill, and that I'd have to get from my psychiatrist- whom I don't see until the end of May. That actually sounds like a pretty good time frame to wait.

In the past I think that I have alway gone too fast when I have tried to get off of it. This time I am going to try not to make the same mistake.

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