Saturday, April 19, 2014

Very tired recently

I have been very sleepy the past few weeks. Normally I am not that sleepy during the day, now I am. I wondered if I am developing sleep apnea. But then it also seems to have started when I went down on my Zyprexa. And on the higher Zyprexa I was sleeping way too much, 9 plus hours a night. Now it is closer to 8 hours a night, and perhaps my body is just not used to that yet. So I am feeling sleep deprived, even if I am waking up on my own. I hope this gets better.

Last night though, I successfully fell asleep without any klonopin- I am now off of that. I still take ambien, but I am okay with that for now. I am okay with my meds for now I think. Not forever, but for now. Although if I wind up going down any further on my lithium in the near future it will be because I have gotten tired of cutting my pills- I can't find my pill splitter.

The good news is that I have lost almost 10 pounds since going down on my Zyprexa. And I haven't really done anything differently. I am always trying to watch what I eat, but I am on no kind of diet at the moment. Yesterday at work I found myself constantly pulling up my pants because they were loose.

I have things I need to do today- but I just want to do nothing. And tomorrow is Easter, so I have to do these things today. Tomorrow I go visit my dad.

But I also have something good today, too. I am getting a massage. It will be my first since I started having this recent bout of back trouble. I hope that it helps.

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Unknown said...

you may be able to snap lithium in your hands. I did with eskalith for years, although some generic brands worked for this and some didn't. I'm pretty sure I was able to break lithobids as well. I hate using a pill splitter so if itis possible to avoid it I do.