Saturday, April 12, 2014

Still the people pleaser, even as a patient

I am feeling like a failure because my back pain isn't all gone. I had PT yesterday, and he was talking as though I should be be doing really good this weekend, and then probably next week I will be pain free so we can be starting with flexion and then I can be discharged fairly soon.

I really do like that plan. I just hope that my back goes along with it. But today my back has not felt very good- I think worse than yesterday. And even then- the first half of the day my back is pretty sore. I don't have the sharp pain like I did in the beginning, I am not in agony, it just feels sore. I think that this soreness may take its time to go away.

By evening I usually feel pretty good- and I have PT in the evenings. When I see him I am doing well and can tolerate everything that we do. But first thing in the morning, when the disks are their largest, it hurts. Not like it did- but it hurts.

However, I don't think I have to stay in PT until the last bit of pain is gone. That might take a while! Just enough so that I can get the exercises to do on my own. My pain isn't really stopping me from doing anything at this point except going to yoga and changing the way I pick things up off the floor. I need a reacher!

When I go back to yoga, I will stick to evening classes. It will be safest for my back.

Speaking of classes, I saw something that got me really excited: a pottery studio with pottery classes. I did pottery as a kid and loved it. I'd like to do it again. I don't know what I'll do with the stuff I make- but it would be fun. Unfortunately, I just missed the beginning of classes. I think they might start up again in June.

The other thing I'd like to do eventually is to take piano lessons again. So you see, I have to finish PT, so I will have time for other things! And so my insurance company doesn't knock my off- because they are actually having to pay for this- I have met my in-network deductible and out-of-pocket maximum.

My Provigil, alas, I have to go pick up today. The price didn't drop last month. It has to drop eventually, doesn't it?

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Unknown said...

Pottery is so much fun! I wish that were offered around here. I actually had to take it is a pre-req for an OT school I didn't apply to and I had so much fun. I'll have to look sometime.

I guess falling on everything but my face after my last PT session should be dramatic enough to say how much progress I am making....Physiatrist lady was crazy. Ortho in 10 days.

Med prices are so annoying. Emsam is a class 5 drug on Medicare meaning that they never pay more than 20%. It doesn't go generic until 2020. This seems impossible since it has been out since 2006 but since selegiline wss already out I guess they didn't eat up a lot of patent years on anything but proving the patch delivery worked. And I think it's really cheap orally but impossible to get the right doses for depression. I begged them for patient assistance and haven't heard back but my dr got a box of meds. She doesn't know and I don't know if this is the last box from last year's approval or if they've approved another year. Hopefully her secretary knows and hopefuly it is good news because it is expesnsive and i need it. I probably am good through this year but not sure what happens after that.

Provigil does seem to be taking forever to go down though. I think I started Nuvigl in 2009. That's a long time especially since Nuvigil is really better for a lot of people.

I will never understand.
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