Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Maybe this is a good thing?

I feel like my current episode of back pain is a wake up call. I've had back pain before, but I've finally had enough episodes to realize that it is becoming recurrent. And that to keep it at bay I am going to have to take better care of myself physically- which means regular exercise, and also specific exercises that I hope to learn in PT. But I realize that I just have to exercise.

In PT I think I got forgotten about and was on the bike for 20 minutes. And it felt good! I need to exercise not just for my body, but for my mind. I forget that. Exercise- of the right kind- makes me feel good. Cardio tends to make me feel good. So does yoga. Weights- not so much.

So if I could do the bike in PT without too much back pain, then I can do it at the gym. I hope I am up for waking soon- I have to get in shape for July 4th when I do a 10K (I walk it of course). Last year I did it with no preparation but I'd rather prepare this year!

I just hope I get over this virus thing that I have- and I hope that I get my voice back soon. I saw my doctor again today, who prescribed me a steroid nasal spray. I can't take most cold meds because of all of the meds I take, but this should be okay. She gave me the "it's just a virus" story again. And I am sure that she is right. Half my co-workers are sick. But they can talk. I still have this really bad laryngitis.

I needed to buy gas today but decided to wait until tomorrow because it is just too hard to talk. By the end of the day I really had nothing left. This is very frustrating. I keep seeing how the behaviors of being physically sick overlap with depression. Well, depression is associated with inflammation in the body, so there are physical similarities as well.

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Unknown said...

Have you asked about Mucinex? (the plain one, not decongestant). I was told when it was new that I could have small amounts of it with lithium but then I was taking it for the first time when I had Lamical rash and because that reaction was pretty severe I've not been allowed since because I could have a cross sensitivity now that the drs. say wouldn't be worth it. And now I can't because of the MAOI. But for 2 glorious days after 5 years of lithium I was able to take a cold med when I had a bad bronchitis thing.

HOpe you feel better soon. I hate feeling sick on these meds; I always feel so groggy and icky from the sedation combined with the sickness.

just me Jen