Wednesday, April 9, 2014

When less is more

I cut back my lithium from 900mg to 750mg 3 days ago. I had taken 750mg for a year, and then raised it to 900mg during a mixed episode a few months ago. But I have really felt flat recently- so I went back down to 750mg, and I feel so much better.

The only problem with this is that it will drop me out of the therapeutic range- I was at 0.6 at 900mg. So if I want to stop the Zyprexa eventually, I may not be taking enough lithium to stabilize my mood. I hope I haven't shut a door. I could always go back on Tegretol, but I'd rather not. But these are future concerns. For the moment, I feel better.

I also feel better because I got my voice back today! I can talk again. It is an amazing thing. And my back is so much better- in physical therapy we started to progress things. My back still feels sore sometimes, but the sharp pain is gone. I can move. I can tie my shoes without pain.

I also had my annual performance review at work and it went really well. It was a good day- and I needed a good day. I have been feeling pretty bad recently, although I think that it has mostly been because I have been sick.

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Unknown said...

I did great on a ,4 lithium level for several years before it randomly crept up into toxicity.

Congratulations on your really good day! And you voice! When I had H1N1 this winter I couldn't talk for 10 days and I was about to take up mime to get my point across.