Saturday, January 10, 2015

A strange happening

I was driving home this afternoon and found that my road- a two lane rural highway- was blocked off by the police about two houses down from my house and that there were several fire trucks parked down the road. I couldn't get home.

I had two initial responses. The first- my house is on fire. And- what did I do? Leave the stove on? And so on. But then I realized that the fire trucks really seemed to be a little bit past my house (which is really a house that is converted into several apartments, one of which I rent). So I was probably okay.

My second thought was that there were so many fire trucks there with their lights all blazing- this had to be due to some kind of terrorism. But terrorism here? To paraphrase Louis Black- if the terrorists hit here, they missed.

Perhaps I can be forgiven for thinking terrorism with the news from France, as well as the fact that I have lived in two large cities. In those cities, whenever I saw too many police cars go by, I worried- at least after 9/11.

It turns out that the house across the street from me was on fire. And it was "structure engulfing fire" according to the reports on the local paper's website which got the news within a couple of hours. Fire engines from 3 townships had been called. I was right, there were a lot of fire engines. The article noted that putting out the fire was hampered by the 19 degree temperature and that icicles formed from the water. 19 is actually pretty warm compared to last week.

Eventually I got home and was very glad to see it standing and not burned.

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