Saturday, January 24, 2015

Paying bills

I am paying medical bills- and they are all from last year. And I am lucky to have insurance through my work, but sometimes I don't feel so lucky. This month all of my deductibles turned over- and by deductible was raised by $500 to $2500 this year. And then yesterday I had to drive an hour for my monthly Costco run to pick up my Provigil, even though I was feeling sick, because I was going to be out. It has come down to $220, for which I am very grateful- but not nearly as cheap as when I was buying it overseas for $200 for 3 months worth. I wonder how cheap Provigil has to become before my insurance would cover it for me.

I guess I am just grumbling because I had been really good about money until the holidays- my debt getting smaller- and then December was a disaster. Although, I think I may come out even- in part because of gifts. But it would be nice if finances were not so tight. And nice if I did not have to drive an hour to get medication- also nice if I did not wait until the last minute. And yet a part of the reason for waiting to the last minute was that this way it would show up on the next credit card statement, and I have been paying that card off every month.

Yesterday I felt tired and feverish and my joints ached. My metacarpal joints in my left hand hurt really bad. Also my thumb- but that is from my messed up ligaments- it is starting to catch up with me. I taped my thumb and put on a wrist splint, pulling it up to support my MP joints. I took aleve. I went to sleep early. Today I feel a lot better.

I think I need to go on one of those detox diets. But I will settle for eliminating wheat, dairy, sugar,and highly processed food. I bought a lot of food at Costco- I got into trouble because I really didn't have much food at home. But I still don't have fresh produce. I don't buy it there because the quantities are so large that it will go bad. Today I've had a lot of rice and lentils. At work a lot of people have juicers or Vitamix's. But until I have a dishwasher, or at least a full-size kitchen sink, I am not getting one. I'll have to get my vegetables the old fashioned way- eat them.

I couldn't find my gluten-free pasta at Costco- and I don't know anywhere else that sells the brand that I like- and is one of the more healthy ones. I'll have to break down and buy something else- because I bought all this spaghetti sauce! Costco is not meant for single people.

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