Friday, January 16, 2015

The days are getting longer, and I feel like I have turned a corner

My mood has been pretty good recently, and I am not quite sure what to attribute it to. Maybe the ever-so-slightly lengthening days. But I have also done a couple of things with meds too- and I am taking less klonopin- although that is always a chicken and the egg question- maybe I am feeling better because I am not taking klonopin, but how is it that I don't feel such a need to take it?

Physically I don't feel good today. I think I really have to become one of those high-maintenance gluten-free people. I hardly ever eat wheat anymore. But yesterday I was lazy, I had no food at home. I stopped and bought a veggie pizza on the way home. I ate half for dinner yesterday, and half today. About half an hour ago I started having joint pain in my fingers- which I haven't had in a very long time and I have suspected was gluten. I really am sure that it is now.

Maybe that is why I have been feeling better. I have been mostly gluten free and mostly dairy free recently. I do that for my IBS- the blood test said I don't have celiac. But right now I feel like there are needles in my joints.

Tomorrow I have a splinting workshop. I wish I hadn't signed up- I need a day at home feeling good to get things done. But I figured you can never have too much practice making splints... so I signed up.

I have not yet responded to the people from the dating website. I got an attack of shyness. I felt overwhelmed. I don't know what to say, who to contact, etc. I will do it this weekend. Most of the people who contacted me are from further away than I wished- but I do live in the middle of nowhere and in the land of married with children people. So I may have to adjust my wishing when it comes to location.

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