Friday, January 9, 2015

Life is getting busy

I have a ton of errands to do tomorrow, plus I am taking my car in, plus I am getting a massage. And then at night I am going out with a meetup group for some live music. So much for a lazy Saturday. But it will be good- at least the massage and the music parts.

Monday I am getting a level I Occupational Therapy student for 2 weeks. I have had level II students in the past, but not recently. At a previous job. I have never had a level I student- which should be easier. I'm not really worried- except that I know that it will probably mean less paperwork time because I will be talking to my student during down time.

But I like having students. Even the people we get a lot of now- the job-shadowers getting their observation hours in so that they can go apply to OT school.  I always thought I was quiet and shy- but it turns out I love to talk about hand therapy.

I'm very excited because they are going to pay for me to go to conference this year. There is a 3 1/2 day conference in Philadelphia that I try to go to every year- although one year I decided I couldn't afford to go. It is pretty expensive, and I also have to pay for a hotel. Most years they have paid for me to go, but not always. This year they are paying. I will still have to pay for the hotel, but I really think it is worth it. I learn so much there. And I see people I went to school with an from previous jobs.

Continuing education stops me from burning out. That is the biggest thing that I have found that stops me from feeling burned out. It makes the paperwork seem worth it. It gives me that spark that keeps me going for a while. I take way more continuing ed than I need to for my credentials, and some of it on my own dime- but I feel like I need to. It keeps me going.

I love continuing education courses. But the thought of getting my clinical doctorate- no way! Not in a million years. I am so done with that kind of school.

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Anonymous said...

My brother has a PhD in PT, and now he manages the facility and employees rather than work directly with patients.