Sunday, January 11, 2015


I gave up my lunchtime cup of coffee. I stopped waiting until lunch to take my second provigil- I take it all in the morning now. And still I am getting very anxious in the afternoons, really anxious. It happens at work, it happens on the weekends. Maybe it it is my biorhythms. Maybe it is the Zyprexa leaving my system. I don't know. I don't know what to do about it. Taking klonopin is what I am doing too frequently- but I'd rather not do it. That just seems like it could lead to more problems- more rebound effects etc.

But otherwise my mood has been pretty good recently. If I could just get rid of this..

Anxiety doesn't even feel like the right word- anxiety should be about something. This is just negative arousal. I feel it in my chest. It is like I drank way too much coffee. It isn't about anything. It is the feeling that I want to escape- not a situation. My chest feels so tight I find myself thinking that this can't even be good for me.

Probably more physical activity would help. Probably less meds would help, but I'm not sure which ones.

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