Friday, May 2, 2014

TGIF again

It has been a stressful week at work. It has been a stressful week with meds- I went back up to 5mg of Zyprexa- in the end insomnia got to me, as it always does. And then my mood started to get bad. So I am back to 5mg. But then this morning I overslept and had to get ready really fast to go to work and forgot to take my morning meds. So I have not been feeling that great, and had a bad headache all day.

I used to carry a day's worth of meds in my purse. But then I used it up the last time I forgot my morning meds, and have never filled it up again. I have to do that again.

But I am really stressed out about something else too. I recently had some blood work done. My fasting blood sugar, which is usually in the low 90's, was 100. That is the very bottom of the pre-diabetic range, and not where I want to be.

I work in healthcare, I see what diabetes can do. I don't want diabetes. So I really need to lose weight, exercise more- and maybe rethink the Zyprexa. I don't know. It is terrible to have to make this kind of a choice. Diabetes vs mental stability.

One of the things I did this past year that may have worked against me is to decrease my resterotrol. I was taking it twice a day- and it seemed to help with my blood sugar. But then I saw an article stating that it can be hard on the liver, so I cut it down to once a day- maybe that didn't helped. I will try going back to twice a day.

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Unknown said...

Don't panic about the BS yet. I have been there twice and both times when it was re-checked I have anxiously awaited results. The first time the re-check was 80. The 2nd the dr said "And your was...oh, don't worry, it was 70. That's not what you thought is it? I was just worried you might start having some symptoms of hyoglycemia around that level". I have the family history from hell with diabetes and it's probably only a matter of time, even if I weren't on psych meds so we watch carefully. I need to remember to get a beta A1C in fact. But even the time a non-fasting one was pretty high, like 210 or something, it came back down with the next check.

It is too bad that these things hang over us but it's better than the psych unit.