Saturday, October 18, 2014

I don't know what to do again

I had phoned in my refill of Provigil to Costco-and I just got a call from the pharmacist. He wanted to know if I still wanted to fill the script- because there has been a price increase. Last month I paid $275 for it. This month it will be $900.

Well, so much for Costco- I can get it cheaper elsewhere- but not a lot cheaper. The cheapest I can find for my two 200mg pills will cost close to $800. I can't afford that. I could try Nuvigil- but the higher dose is still pretty pricy, and I think that is what I would need.

I know I should break down and try the amphetamines again. But I don't want to. My doctor is talking about putting me on a statin- why would I want to risk tachycardia again? Plus, the on/off was so dramatic that I couldn't deal with it. Plus I got psychotic on dextroamphetamine- although granted I was on a large dose and already manic.

If coffee didn't give me heartburn, I could just drink coffee all day- but it does, so I have to watch my coffee intake. I am looking at natural stimulants- but I am guessing that if any of them could really replace provigil they wouldn't be legal.

I know what would really work- but it would take so much time- and probably a leave of absence, that is wouldn't be worth it. On high dose Parnate I didn't feel the need for a stimulant. But to switch antidepressants, and to an MAOI, would be a big deal.

I was looking at the medical criteria for Provigil on my insurance site. They particularly say that use for depression is considered experimental and is not supported by peer reviewed literature. So I don't think another appeal is going to get me anywhere.

My health insurance company hates me and wants me dead. I know that is personification, but that is how I feel. They just took away my therapist and whatever small coverage they had for my psychiatrist.

I don't know what I am going to do. Maybe I can find another overseas pharmacy- but the FDA has really been cracking down on them.

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