Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I think today was a little better- but I am still down

I think my mood has taken a dive- and I am trying to ride it out. I know that if I am depressed, I need to be gentle with myself. But there is a fine line between taking it easy on myself and turning into a blob! For today, though, I let myself use dry shampoo and skip the shower. I tried to be present at work and focused on mindfulness. I just did what I could do. And I think that it helped. Or maybe it was just the truly delightful fall weather that we have outside right now.

Focus on little things. The radial nerve palsy splint I made today that came out well. The new shoes I bought- all black running shoes to wear at work- which are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. And try to forget that I thought about quitting when they told us that we have to fill out more checklists to make sure we have done certain things- just another step and all of these steps add up.

Tomorrow I am going to walk before work. Just a mile, but something. Because I really need that. It is my late day tomorrow to go in, so I have to do it. And for my sanity- it is going to be a really busy day. I have to make a splint, do 2 evals, and I am double booked quite a bit. My schedule has gotten really hectic because Mondays I am at inpatient, so I have to see all of my patients in 4 days.

I want to try to get myself to the support group after work tomorrow. It is a little hectic- I have to leave exactly on time and I still get there a couple minutes late (I hate being late). But I want to try it again and see if it is useful. I could use the socialization.

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