Friday, October 3, 2014

Sweet Friday

Friday's are always good. It is my shortest day of the week, and I know I have the weekend coming up- and I always feel so light and free at work. It was also a good day because I had a student job shadowing me to get observation hours so that she could apply to OT school- I have that a lot- but this one was really enthusiastic about what she saw, and I think she might want to go into hand therapy.

Otherwise it has been a week with a lot of discharges and a couple of really interesting patients- but if you are a patient, you don't want to be interesting. You want to be boring. These people are really involved or have unusual things that don't have clear treatment that works.

Today I have finally felt pretty much over my cold, although my throat still feels a little funny. Otherwise I am okay. Physically. I am a little anxious and my thoughts are a little loud at times- I think this is a consequence of going back down on the Zyprexa after taking too much for a week. Or maybe of starting light therapy.

My thoughts aren't exactly racing- but I just feel the weight of all of the knowledge in my head. Like I don't want to think anything, because I know that anything I think is connected to all of these other pieces of knowledge/memories, etc. which are just going to follow and it just all feels so heavy and I think I can't bear it. So this evening I took a quarter milligram of klonopin. The past couple of days I have been taking benadryl, because I have hoped it would also help with the cold symptoms. Oh, and I have been a little talkative too. For me. Probably for someone else, it would not be! But I am usually quiet.

But it hasn't been bad, I'm not too off. I think it will quiet down pretty soon.

I am supposed to go on a nature hike tomorrow, but it is also supposed to rain, so I don't know if I am going. And the last few days my left ankle is really bothering me- and I don't know why. That is not the bad ankle. I kept blaming my shoes- but it doesn't matter what I wear. I think the only thing that would help is my hiking boots. So for tonight I put on my Jimmy Copper ankle compression sleeve- that I bought for the other ankle. It seems to be helping a little bit.

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