Thursday, May 22, 2014

I ate a whole pizzza

I am on the higher dose of Zyprexa for the second day. I felt drugged for the first part of the day- but then it got better. Except for the hunger. I was determined to eat my normal small lunch and breakfast that I have been eating recently- and I didn't bring any snacks even though it was a late work night for me, because I have been able to get by without them. I forgot about the Zyprexa increase. It was two hours before work was over- and I wasn't just hungry- that was all I could think about. I thought I was going to pass out from hunger. This isn't normal- this is Zyprexa.

I didn't have much food at home- the plan was to stop at the grocery store. But I was too hungry for that. So I ordered a small veggie pizza to pick up on the way home. And I ate every slice. And I do not feel sick, my stomach does not feel full- I feel good. I usually eat more slices than I would prefer- but never a whole pie.

I see my psychiatrist on Tuesday, not a day too soon. I'll spare him a phone call. I think that between the increased Zyprexa, a little klonopin, and melatonin that I am going to sleep tonight again.

If I weren't working, if I could afford to wait it out (maybe with some klonopin on board), then I'd never be taking the extra Zyprexa. I have to figure out if I a more or less functional on it- and I haven't figured it out. It definitely keeps me from going off of the deep end, but I was feeling too drugged for most of the day as well. Not to mention the hunger.

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