Sunday, May 11, 2014

My monthly trip to Costco

I had to go to Costco today to pick up my Provigil- they are still the cheapest price I can find. And yes, it is still $450 for 60 pills. Every month. I can't believe that it has been generic this long and it is still this pricy.

Of course while I was there I had to shop- in fact I buy most of my non-produce items for the month there now. Plus my Citricil and calcium gummies. And I bought some shampoo. And yes, their gigantic package of toilet paper. I still don't know where I am going to store it. All in all I spent over $200.

I did buy some pears- I am hoping that I manage to eat them before they go bad. I read somewhere that pears have just about the longest shelf life of fruits. There are a lot of pears in my package.

Costco is not for single people. It is not for people with bad backs either. I nearly bought some seltzer- but the package had so many bottles that I didn't want to risk my back. I know, I was a wimp.

I used to drink tap water all the time-  but then I found out that there is a lot of arsenic in the area and I have well water- and arsenic is linked to lots of health problems including diabetes and lowered IQ. My Zyprexa already does that- I don't need a double whammy. So now, especially because I am drinking more with the lithium, I am drinking at least some bottled water. But I feel guilty about it.

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