Wednesday, September 4, 2013

If I were a better person, I would like Pilates

I tried yogalates today, as my trial of barre Pilates resulted in knee pain. No knee pain this time- I just didn't like it- in fact I liked it even less than the barre class. It was even less fun.

If I am going to do something hard and uncomfortable- which Pilates is for me- it has to be at least a little bit fun. It just wasn't. It just felt like exercise, and I didn't like it. Yoga doesn't feel like exercise to me. Hiking doesn't feel like exercise to me. If I lift weights, I am at least excited about the amount of weight I am lifting- this was just no fun. No distraction.

So even though I have a weak core, I have decided no Pilates. I need to find exercise that I actually enjoy. Maybe I can just do some planks every day. If I remember... And I will try to get a third yoga class into my week, instead of trying to find a Pilates class.

But I did get one good thing out of the class- which was just to use the ball to sit on- and to pick up one foot, and then to try to pick up the other foot and still balance. And then to try it with eyes closed. I have no balance with eyes closed, I really need to work on that. I liked the ball- I think I just might have to buy one.

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