Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Made it to the grocery store

It still isn't easy to go grocery shopping. It is impossible when I am depressed ( I live from convenience stores and drive through then). And for some reason, I am still struggling a little with it. But I went after work, even though it would have been easier to go home.

I wonder if some things will ever be easy. Not that everything in life has to be easy- but it would be nice if the little things could be easier. Then I would have more energy for bigger things.

It has been warm and humid the past couple of days- and my body doesn't like it. I am really tired. I don't want to move. I hope it cools down very soon.

Nothing much to say today. Work was very boring. I did so much paperwork my neck started to hurt from looking down so much. And now the carpal tunnel syndrome on my right is flared up- it has been really good recently. Paperwork is bad. By next year we should be doing our notes online, which I am sure will lead to a different set of ergonomic problems.

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Just Me said...

Grocery shopping is often one of the hardest things for me too. I used to try to only do it every few months but now my SSDI doesn't cover that as well so I go monthly. Living with my mom has made me realize how much bipolar has shaped how I eat; I eat what is simple, fast, and has leftovers. I rarely eat meat because I rarely can be bothered to prepare it. My mom eats totally differently. Tonight we made something for my niece that I ate tons of simply because it was like my cooking.

Online notes can be interesting depending on whether you are given computer space or have to hold the computer on your lap. I used to have to be really careful to not type in really bad positions when I did home health notes in patients homes. Because we had these secondary battery packs on our computers they were pretty heavy and the weight wasn't distributed well unless you were in exactly the right position. I did a lot of kneeling with the computer on end tables for parts of my treatments so that I could type comfortably.