Monday, September 2, 2013

My Fall Resolution

Children are going back to school this week. Fall seems a little like a new year. So I have decided to make a resolution.

I am going to eat better. I can't promise I will eat less, but I will try. I have gained 5 pounds on the increased lithium/Zyprexa, and I really can't be gaining weight at where I am. But I will eat better, and hopefully that will make it easier to eat a few less calories, enough to lose those 5 pounds and a little more.

What do I mean by better? No sugar. No gluten. No highly processed foods. Maybe occasionally small amounts of honey- my father is a beekeeper after all. But not very often.

I think gluten is a problem. And I am hoping that if I eliminate it some of my various unexplained symptoms will go away, like the joint pain in my hands.

No, I am not eliminating dairy, which a lot of people advocate. I love dairy too much- and I'm not convinced that it is a problem for me as long as I drink lactaid or eat cheese. Maybe someday.

So what will I eat? Lots of veggies, fruit, beans, meat, cheese, yogurt, nuts, tofu, and non-wheat grains. At least that is the plan. Oh- and baked potatoes and sweet potatoes. Yum. I love potatoes- which is part of my problem. But I think better potatoes than pasta. I will miss pasta.

I was tested for Celiac Disease about 8 years ago, and the blood test was negative. I was diagnosed (after a colonoscopy) with nothing more than irritable bowel disease. But the doctor gave me the best advice in the world- which was to take fiber. Between the probiotics, the citrucil, and the lactaid, it is pretty much under control- and it had been so bad I had accidents. It only flares up now and then when I either drink too much regular (non-lactaid) milk, or eat too many vegetables. Yes, if I eat enormous salads every day, as I occasionally do, I will pay a price.

I think that if I don't have Celiac Disease, I am probably ok with any foods that don't have wheat or gluten as an ingredient. I am not too worried about minute amounts from cross-contamination. But I don't know. I will just try this and see how I feel. And use my symptoms of joint pain and the severity of my carpal tunnel syndrome as a guide to how strict I need to be and if this is even working.


Just Me said...

Give me a little bit to have my own kitchen where I control what is being eaten better and I'll join you if you want to do some accountability. I need to go back to low-glycemic. I lost 60 or 70 lbs with it and then gained it back first with struggling to eat healthily while driving with home health and then during these years of depression. My diet is so limited now that I really need to move away from complex carbs and sugars because they are the easiest things to eat between MAOI and migraine elimination. Few of them are restricted. But I eat too many and I need to be more careful to compensate for needing to drink a lot of milk. It's just a menopausal thing for me, I crave it and drink a couple gallons a week usually and I refuse to stop something that can help with osteoporosis since my mom has that pretty severely for her age and she also had early menopause.

I can't wait to cook for myself again.

Jean Grey said...

Just Me- I'd love buddy up with you about this when you have your own place. I hope you get situated soon. I know it is hard with the MAOI's- I was vegan before I went on Nardil, and then I just gave up on that, there was too much I just couldn't eat- and I went back to eating meat.

Just Me said...

You are right about the MAOIs. The bad foods sneak in so many times. I was so upset 2 weeks ago because we took my niece to a Chinese restaurant. I knew I couldn't have much but ordered crab rangoon and vegetable dumplings. I had eaten 3/4 dumplings when I realized they were full of tofu. NOT A VEGETABLE!

Thanks to migraines and MAOI my healthy diet is now fresh meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, grains and a ton of milk. Menopause makes me crave it. But at my mom's there are cookies around, candy sometimes, juice, and she adds butter to vegetables rendering them much less healthy. After I made veggie kabobs with my vegetarian niece who is in a picky phase last week my mom said I have to be getting very eager to make my own meals again. And I am. I eat so differently than she does, even when she is eating a healthy meal there is just so much stuff I don't buy because I know I eat it. And I eat it because it is here and more convenient especially with night meds when the food is downstairs and I'm upstairs and somehow ants find anything I eat up here that is fruit like. On my own I'm probably 75% vegetarian and here I eat meal nearly daily.

I'll have to modify my low glcyemic recipes for the MAOI/migraine restrictions but after 4 years that's 2nd nature, finally. (Except in vegetable dumplings).

Not to complain about my mom feeding me. That's a good thing. It's just different and I still have weight from my hysterectomy followed by severe depression for many months to lose.