Monday, July 14, 2014

Exhausted and Frustrated

I am still having the runs when I dare to eat. I feel so drained and a little light headed. I am trying to make myself drink. But even that comes out.

Last night I had a low fever- but my fevers never seem to mean anything. In fact, whenever I go to the doctor, every test is normal. I think I need Dr. House.

This feels like it has to be more than irritable bowel syndrome. But I thought that when I went to the gastroenterologist 8 years ago. I made the appointment after I had an "accident" walking home from work.

I was too afraid of that happening to get a haircut after work today, which I really needed to do. Plus, just too tired and worn out. I feel exhausted. And on top of everything, I couldn't sleep last night. And I refuse to push the klonopin too much- I took benedryl which helped.

I just want to feel physically good, so I can walk and do my work and clean my apartment and push myself towards my goals. But I feel so awful, and I don't know when this is going to end.

A part of me can't help wonder if this is meds- but then why would it be so episodic? It feels more like serotonin syndrome than lithium toxicity (and it is pretty sad that I have had experiences with both). But serotonin syndrome would explain the fever. There just isn't any test for it- the only way to see would be to stop the Effexor, which is more than I feel capable of right now.

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Unknown said...

I used to get kind of "micro-toxicities" in the summers where I would suddenly have diarrhea until I drank a good bit and ate something salty. Could it be something like that? They never were enough to be a real issue and if it was SO hot that they occurred several days in a row I could skip lithium for a few days and let my level drop and then it would level out again. We wanted to see what my levels were at those times out of curiousity but I never had it happen when I could just jump up and go to the lab; it was always at work or when I was away from home.