Friday, July 25, 2014

No Man's Land

It was too good to be true. Things are still much, much better- but I am not cured on this new diet. I just don't know whether things are bad enough to warrant a trip to the doctor when I already have an IBS diagnosis. I guess I will give it the weekend to see how it goes- then call a GI doctor on Monday. Because even if it is just IBS, I need information on how to manage this.

I think I am vetoing the Zyprexa increase. I felt too out of it today, I didn't like the way I felt. Even though the anxiety was better. I will have to find another way to manage the anxiety. Plus, I am hungrier today- and I can't be eating so frequently the way things are going with my stomach.

At work I felt so bad physically- I had chills and felt feverish for a couple of hours. I felt exhausted and had a sinus headache most of the day. I had the worst stomach pain after lunch that only went away after going to the bathroom. I came home and can't find my thermometer- but the chills are gone anyway.

Of course it wasn't a good paperwork day. I was just trying to make it through the day- fortunately it was an early day.

Someday I will have a good day again- when body and mind both feel good. I just don't know when. Until then, it is a struggle.

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