Tuesday, July 15, 2014

This is weird, but I think it was the serotonin

Last night I thought that this was feeling just too much like serotonin syndrome. Not a terrible case of it- like the one in which I thought I would die- but not good. I only took one of my Effexor capsules last night. Today I am cured of the runs.

I was wondering- why now? And then I realized- the last time I filled my Effexor, they gave me the real thing, not the generic that I normally take. The FDA is investigating quality issues with some of generic manufacturers, and I know that there have been some recalls. I'm not sure when I started taking the real thing- maybe 3 weeks ago? And I am guessing that it is more powerful than the generic. Generics only have to be 80% of the brand.

Today I did pretty good with the less Effexor. Some mild withdrawal symptoms, the most curious one that I get is the top of my head tingles- and I had that a lot today. My mood was up and down- but no worse than yesterday.

I hope tomorrow goes as smoothly.

Now if I can just get to sleep tonight. But I think that just as much as a new sleeping pill- I could use an AC in my bedroom. This apartment only has one in the living room, and the apartment is an L, so it really doesn't cool the bedroom. I mostly use my fan- and this doesn't help my sleeping. Last night I had the AC on but I still didn't sleep. I was up really late. Fortunately it was my late day at work today. But tomorrow is my early day. I have to sleep.

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