Friday, July 18, 2014

Feeling okay mood-wise, and I'm surprised

I cut my Effexor from 450mg to 300mg last week, and my mood has been good. I am pleasantly surprised. The withdrawal effects I have had have been physical, not emotional. Of course it helps that I am no longer having serotonin toxicity. I knew there was something wrong with my body- I just didn't know what. Now I am freed from wondering what terrible disease I have and how sick I have to be before I go back to the doctor. 

I think my body is not totally recovered. I am really tired. I went shopping today- did some walking- and my legs were just really tired. No way I could walk another 10K today. So I am going to have to start slow with my milage. Tomorrow I start my training- what got put off because of being sick. I have almost two months to build up some base mileage, and then is is a 12 month plan to train to walk the half marathon on my birthday.

Even though I was physically tired, I did have enough energy to go shopping and get a haircut. It is a really good haircut, and I had really let it go- I have been looking awful recently. But I like this cut. I can't let it go again like this.

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