Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I feel like a different person

I was at work this morning and something was missing. I couldn't figure out what it was. And then I realized that I couldn't feel my stomach. I don't think that has happened in months, if not years. It doesn't always hurt, but there is discomfort, fullness, something. I am always aware of it. Today there was nothing.

I am doing the FODMAPS diet, which limits poorly digestible carbohydrates that can ferment and cause trouble in the colon. It seems to have a very high success rate for IBS from what I have read, and I am a believer.

But I feel like I am back on an MAOI- only it is even more restrictive. I went grocery shopping for the first time today, and I was reading labels and checking lists on my iphone app to see what I could buy. I think I bought anything I thought I could eat- I wasn't even looking at prices. I spent $140. I also bought blueberry lemonade. I never buy sugared drinks- but I was thinking, I can eat lemons, blueberries, and sugar (the only ingredients), plus I was very thirsty. I was a little bit out of control today.

Supposedly after 6 weeks you can try re-introducing small amounts of high FODMAPS foods and see how your body tolerates them. I hope I can someday use up all of the lentils in my pantry! But I might have to give them away.

Every time I eat I get a little bit scared, still. But it seems that if I stick to this diet I am okay. I have my life back. Possibilities are opening up again.

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Unknown said...

When I had to give up a bunch of foods that I could eat with the MAOI for migraine control I was so frustrated. But once it worked I quit caring and now the restrictions seem just as natural as the MAOI diet does after 5 years.