Thursday, July 17, 2014

It's a scary world out there today

Between the airliner that was shot down and the Israel/Palestinian conflict, it is a scary world out there today. But I didn't know about the airliner until one of my evening patients told me. I didn't go out for lunch, and we have no news at work. And no cell phone service- not that it would have mattered because I wasn't getting the internet on my phone anyway.

I have been having trouble with my phone. Ever since Friday, I can't get on to the 3G network. I have tried changing settings, and doing everything I can think of- except the most obvious one. Turning off my phone and turning it back on. I had to go to a discussion board about problems with connectivity to get that tip- and it worked. I am so glad. I was afraid that it was the antenna and that I would need a new phone. And I am waiting for the iphone6- so I didn't want to have to buy an iphone5. I'll stick with my 4 until something really different comes out. Or it stops working- whichever is first.

I had fun patients today. I made a good splint. I had a lot of down time to do notes. It was a good work day. Except for the stress that we are all under at work- we are under a shrinking time window for the Joint Commission to come and inspect our hospital, and because our gym is new they will probably come to see us. Yikes! Lots of brushing up on and fine tuning policies and procedures, etc. Cleaning and organizing.

Maybe I can take the rest of the summer off?

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