Saturday, July 26, 2014

I'm impatient

I think I should be 100% better right away. But when I read about this diet, they say to give it several weeks. And I am not even 100% compliant. Little thing I don't think about- the onions in the spaghetti sauce that I ate yesterday were likely the cause of much of my GI distress. I looked at the bottle today- onions are pretty high on the ingredient list, and onions are supposed to be the worst offender. I need to find new spaghetti sauce or make my own or do without. I wasn't thinking- until after the fact.

The other time I was having trouble was after breakfast. I was eating eggs- with ketchup. One of my lists says that ketchup is okay, the other says no- but the bottle says that it has onion powder in it- so the answer is no. And my body is saying no. It is possible to make your own ketchup, and not that hard- so I will have to do that I suppose.

The only saving grace about this diet is that I do not have to give up coffee. I was pretty sure that would have to go. But it is okay- although I think only in moderation.

It is a new enough diet that the various lists don't agree with each other and some things haven't been tested. I still can't find good information on chocolate.

What is interesting is that if you follow this diet, the research shows that you really alter the microscopic biome of your intestines. They don't know the significance of this- if it is good or bad. It decreases the total number of bacteria in your gut but increases the diversity of the bacteria.

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